There are plenty of options out there to make that special someone feel extra special on Valentine’s Day, but an original idea might just be the Fathers and Sons Quartet.

2020欧联杯预测For the last 16 years, the Calvert County-based barbershop singers have made house (and business) calls to serenade individuals.

“The first year we did it for fun and went to sing for some older ladies we knew from church,” said founding member David Reyno.

“We went to a couple of different places and thought, ‘Hey, this is neat and kind of fun singing with our kids, but why don’t we try and raise money for a nonprofit?’

The next year we did that, and the rest is history.”

The group, which also includes Reyno’s son, Jeremy, as well as the father-son team of Jon and Jason Leavitt, will travel anywhere within the county to stretch their vocal cords.

2020欧联杯预测The foursome charges $50, which includes a bag of Hershey’s Kisses and a rose. Customers also get yo select two songs from “Let me Call you Sweetheart,” “My Wild Irish Rose,” “I Love You Truly” and “Heart of my Heart.”

Proceeds benefit Meals on Wheels Calvert County and last year’s donation was more than $1,000.

“It’s a wonderful idea, and one of the reasons I love it is because it’s sustaining,” said Shirl Hendley, the president of the board of directors for Meals on Wheels Calvert County. “It’s a yearly function that’s dedicated to us, and they help us to fund our meals.”

2020欧联杯预测Hendley said her organization delivers around 400 meals Monday through Friday to its 91 clients.

The cost per meal is about $4, but Meals on Wheels only accepts donations.

2020欧联杯预测The first 10 years proceeds from the singing Valentines went to Calvert Hospice. Reyno estimated the group has raised more than $20,000 since it began singing.

And one of those they have sung for is Debra Plater and her daughters, Paige and Nya.

“It was my husband’s idea,” said Debra, referring to husband Darrick, who she has been married to for 18 years. “I was really shocked, and once they started singing they were amazing. We were taken aback. Valentine’s Day is big in our house but he surprised us.”

2020欧联杯预测So was it the most romantic thing Darrick has ever done?

“Probably,” Debra said.

And the group will sing anywhere. One North Beach customer moved out of the state but still wanted the quartet to sing at his late wife’s grave at Fort Lincoln in Washington, D.C.

“As we got closer to the grave, it got darker and darker then it started to pour rain, and of course, we were not prepared for that,” Reyno said. “That was a different experience.”

2020欧联杯预测Another time, they sang for a woman at an optician’s office.

“The lady next to her said, ‘This is so sweet’ and started crying,” Reyno said, “but when we told the young lady [we were singing to] who it was from, she was not happy at all.”

They’ve also sung to a corrections officer at the county jail and have also performed at senior centers, nursing homes, grocery stores, offices, bars and restaurants.

“If it’s in Calvert County,” Reyno said, “we’ll sing there.”

“Actually it’s fun because we all dress the same and we walk into places, and people are like, ‘Uh-oh, something’s up,’” said Jon Leavitt, who is retired after a 35-year career for the federal government, including 19 with the Justice Department.

“We also get people who get very emotional, even people we aren’t singing to and just watching can get fired up. I’ll tell you, it’s like giving back to the community. People will say, ‘Why do you do all that and not get anything back? But I enjoy it.”

2020欧联杯预测The group did not perform Valentine’s Day of last year due to health issues among its members and Ken Ives will replace Jason Leavitt this year.

So far, the group has 10 appointments, though they’d like to do about 25.

A few years back, they did 35 performances during a 12-hour day.

2020欧联杯预测They have also sung twice at Baltimore Orioles baseball games — the Orioles are 2-0 when the group performs — and opened for North Beach’s own Eric Scott at Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis.

This year, Jon Leavitt will have a full day on Feb. 14.

After all the singing Valentine’s are done, he will serve as the public address announcer for Northern High School’s home basketball game against county rival Patuxent.

2020欧联杯预测“Number one, it’s real fun to sing with your son and especially with the older folks,” Reyno said. “We used to sing to one woman at Asbury, and she would gather some of her friends in her apartment, and that was really neat.

And when we sing to folks in the Alzheimer’s ward [of hospitals], they may not know their name, but they remember the songs we sing, and they sing along.”

2020欧联杯预测“It’s a fairly cheap way of addressing Valentine’s Day, and it’s an original idea,” Leavitt said. “It’s really a no-brainer.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment for Valentine’s Day, contact David Reyno at 410-257-7814 or

2020欧联杯预测Twitter: @CalRecMICHAEL

Twitter: @CalRecMICHAEL