2020欧联杯预测Watching two of her peers eat cheese sandwiches while others enjoyed regular school lunch was a devastating experience for 7-year-old Emauni Jeanise “EmauniJ” Manley, a student from Arthur Middleton Elementary School whose desire to help the community is as big as her heart.

Instead of allowing emotions to get the best of her, EmauniJ and her mother, Roz Manley, reached out to modeling instructor turned family business manager Valencia Clipper-Davis for a fundraising idea which entailed paying off the school’s $1,200 lunch balance. Their initial goal was $600 to see what EmauniJ could do within three weeks, but thanks to the community’s overwhelming support, she raised more than $1,000 in just one day.

“EmauniJ has always had a huge heart. At her age, she’s very attentive and aware of what’s going on around her,” Davis told the Maryland Independent during a phone interview on Jan. 28. “This fundraiser has been so amazing. … Within 24 hours, she had already exceed $1,000 so we decided to keep going. As time went on, when she hit the $3,000 mark, Emauni decided that she wanted to help other schools.”

2020欧联杯预测The Manley family initially reached out to Davis about her modeling program when EmauniJ was getting ready to turn 5 years old. Having fallen in love with EmauniJ’s big personality after giving her a spot in the program, Davis said she decided to manage the aspiring author, actress and clothing designer.

2020欧联杯预测“At the time, I wasn’t [accepting kids] that young but when I met EmauniJ, her personality was so big that I told her mom that we’ll try her out and see how things work. She came out and grasped everything great so she ended up signing on with my modeling program,” said Davis, founder of ChrisDel Davis Management LLC based in Capitol Heights. “We then sat down and put a game plan together.”

Davis’ plan was so successful that she said it enabled EmauniJ to do “all of the things she wanted to do” at the age of 5, which included becoming a published author as well as appearing on the small screen. EmauniJ wrote a book that is “doing really well” on Amazon and has even started her own T-shirt line, according to Davis.

“She’s been in a movie and is looking for other acting opportunities,” Davis said. “But she’s just always had this huge heart.”

2020欧联杯预测During back to school time last year at Arthur Middleton Elementary, Davis recalled a situation where EmauniJ wanted to raise money and get more school supplies after noticing some of her classmates didn’t have as much as others. EmauniJ made it her mission to do just that — within 24 hours, Davis said, she had raised almost $800 and immediately went to Walmart with her mother to purchase “composition books, crayons, rulers and a whole bunch” of other school supplies.

2020欧联杯预测In addition to providing supplies for all of her classmates the next day, EmauniJ also gave them complimentary, autographed copies of the book she wrote.

2020欧联杯预测“She just has a huge heart,” Davis emphasized. “When her mom, who also works at the school, reached out to me this time, she said Emauni asked her why a couple of students were eating cheese sandwiches in the cafeteria. Emauni was instantly like ‘I need to call my manager’ after mom explained the unpaid lunch balances to her.”

“I saw kids eating cheese sandwiches and I [felt] bad for them,” EmauniJ told the Independent during a separate interview. “It was little squares of cheese on a bun [wrapped] in clear plastic.”

2020欧联杯预测Having surpassed her initial goal by a substantial dollar amount, EmauniJ was able to end her fundraiser on Jan. 31 with a total of $5,040.

“I made videos and [told] people to share,” she said. “[It made me feel] happy because once people knew about it, they just [gave] me more than my goal.”

2020欧联杯预测Roz Manley, who serves as president of the parent-teacher organization at Arthur Middleton and is also a mother to three older boys, said EmauniJ only had to come up with half of her school’s $1,200 lunch debt because the PTO “already had something in place” to raise the other needed funds.

“Within a day, she had $600 and then it passed $1,000. I was like ‘oh my goodness!,’” Roz Manley said. “I remember Emauni telling me, ‘Mommy, don’t stop me because I can help pay off other kids’ accounts at other schools. They can have lunch for more than one day if I keep this going.’”

Without hesitation, the Manleys kept the momentum going. EmauniJ presented the funds at her school on Jan. 27 followed by a visit to Billingsley Elementary the next day, where additional funds covered 110 students.

2020欧联杯预测“She’s so selfless that she pays attention to the emotions of other people, especially her peers,” Davis said. “But she’s had a lot of bad run-ins with kids that have treated her mean, called her bad names and have just been extremely negative. She even had a bullying situation but thankfully, that hasn’t tainted her spirit. She still moves forward and aims to help everybody around her. She’s an amazing kid.”

2020欧联杯预测“This is not Emauni’s first fundraiser,” Roz Manley added. “When the little girl [from T.C. Martin] was hit after getting off the school bus [last November], Emauni had a fundraiser for her, also. … This is who she is. This is what she wants to do.”

When it comes to dealing with negativity, Roz Manley stressed the importance of parents teaching their children about good morals and self-love.

“My daughter is 7 and that does not change her heart or her beliefs. My husband and I teach our kids about the foundation of God, family and community, in that order,” said Roz Manley, who is also a mother to three older boys. “There actually has been a lot of negativity from this. To the naysayers that say she’s too young and should be worried about this or that, [I want them to know that] Emauni is our future. The children in schools are our future. These will be our leaders so why not help and do your part.”

After reaching the $3,000 mark, the Manleys met several times with Davis to come up with another game plan, hoping to reach a broader span of kids that may go without food.

Davis said she is grateful to help the Manleys move forward as they “have a lot of stuff going on as a family unit,” which perfectly aligns with her business goals.

“I manage a lot of other clients but EmauniJ gives me a run for my money. She keeps me on my toes. When she says she has an idea, she’s determined to do it,” Davis emphasized. “I noticed how close-knit the family is and how supportive they are. I manage the entire family now so it just felt like a good fit for me. I want to assist in helping them be successful as they envision.”

2020欧联杯预测As of Feb. 1, the trio announced a new program called S.A.K.E. by EmauniJ, which stands for “So All Kids Eat.” The program falls under Davis’s nonprofit organization, Valuable Blessings Inc., and will have an array of events and fundraisers where all proceeds will go toward helping feed kids throughout the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas, according to a Facebook post.

“Emauni’s mother and father run my mentoring programs which are based in Prince George’s and Charles County as well. So, she decided to choose schools that we worked with in the past,” Davis said. “Each principal that we spoke to, thus far, is extremely ecstatic and appreciative of the fact that their school was chosen.”

2020欧联杯预测The Manleys are currently waiting to receive unpaid lunch balance totals from other schools around the region. EmauniJ will eventually present the money to recipients in person, according to Davis.

“She still goes outside, rides her bike, watches YouTube and other things. But her heart is focused on changing the world. I will not change that because of a few negative, nasty comments or upset people who feel some kind of way,” Roz Manley said. “If she wants to come to me with wanting to do something else that’s going to change the world, my husband and I, the rest of our family and her group of supporters will be standing by.”

“We still walk with our heads high,” the Waldorf mother of four assured. “If we can continue to shed a light and figure out a way to feed our children in the school system ... then so be it. This is something that she’s passionate about.”

For more information about EmauniJ and her community involvement, visit .Twitter: @JClink_MdINDY