Arthur Shepherd

2020欧联杯预测Arthur Shepherd, director of the St. Mary’s County Department of Recreation and Parks

A large state grant will help a museum in Colton’s Point expand its space to make room for additional exhibits.

The Maryland Heritage Areas Authority approved $100,000 in funding for the St. Clement’s Island Museum renovations after an application was submitted last March. Eventually, the old museum will be razed and a new, two-story building will be erected.

2020欧联杯预测The county, which originally expected to receive at least $80,000 for the project from the state, was approved for that funding, plus an extra $20,000.

2020欧联杯预测The grant funding will support new construction and renovations at the museum and may also be used for staff and volunteer support.

The total cost of the project is $1.5 million.

2020欧联杯预测Arthur Shepherd, director of the county’s department of recreation and parks, was in attendance at Tuesday’s county commissioners meeting to request approval of the grant along with two budget amendments that would lower county bond authority.

2020欧联杯预测“In the budget there was $80,000 for state funding,” but the MHAA grant of $100,000 exceeds that,” he told the commissioners, adding “ ... we can now reduce county bond obligation and increase the state funding. This is a good day for $100,000 to go into the renovation and construction of the St. Clement’s Island Museum property.”

The county commissioners accepted the grant award, allowing the museum to move forward with its planned building improvements. The two budget amendments were also approved, decreasing county bond authority and increasing state authority by $20,000.

“This is an excellent opportunity,” Shepherd said.

Karen Stone, director of the museum division for the county, told The Enterprise the museum “went for the whole lot” when applying for the grant, and “they got it.” She said they plan to “demolish the whole building and start from scratch,” constructing a new two-story building with room for additional exhibits, an area for children’s activities and orientation space.

2020欧联杯预测“We’re very excited,” she said.

The renovations are scheduled to be complete in the summer of 2021.

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